An introduction to Beautiful Gong Shim 


If you follow me in Twitter,  you know I’m crazy over this strange show. It started 3 weeks ago with little to no fanfare. I actually don’t think it’s doing great rating wise in SK. Yet it has managed to steal my heart!

The story introduced us to our goofy heroine Gong Shim. She’s a twenty something struggling in life. She can’t find a job & she lives in a house where her sister is the most important person to her family.  Gong Shim is constantly ignored & belittle by both mom & sister while dad does nothing to help her situation. Because of all the stress Gong Shim is losing her hair & wears a horrible wig to cover it up.

Trying to get more money for school. She rents out her rooftop apartment to Ahn DanTae.

DanTae is hard to describe. He is in his 30’s, a lawyer that mostly helps poor people  ( so he never has any money), has a habit of wearing crop pants & eating all his meals in convenience stores. He is also a very caring person & right after meeting GongShim does a lot to help her out. He also has a very curious ability that we learn of when some thugs are beating up our third leg of our love triangle. Basically DanTae is able to avoid very fast things. So during a fight, he never gets hit because of his fast reflexes. So while doing his driver job he meets & rescues Suk JoonSoo.

(Is he not adorable??? )

Our cutie here, is our resident chaebol ( all Kdramas must have one!), Only child and heir apparent to Star group. He is also by all appearances a very nice guy. He befriends DanTae and Gong Shim without any problems. He constantly says that Gong Shim is cute & can’t stop smiling when she’s around. Lastly I must introduce you to her… Blah..

This is Gong Mi  lawyer, sole breadwinner of the Gong family and a selfish witch. She’s the type that wants to get to the top & will step on anyone that gets in her way. If that someone is her sister, she won’t even think twice or look back.

So now that you meet out characters you wonder what the show is about? Well that’s easy. An average girl trying to be notice. Two different men that meet her & will help her change her outlook in life. There’s also a missing heir that will show up and challenge JoonSoon’s status. Oh and there’s an ugly witchy sister but I’m ignoring her so you should too! I’m honestly here to watch these 3 be awesome together




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