Year end reviews

My 2013 playlist.

2013 kind of got away from me. I blinked and it was December already. I was going to do a post for my fav shows of 2013, but the one from last year was enormous & it never got published. So I figure this be better, since I spend a lot of time listening to music. So here it is in no particular order because I can’t rate them. The song & videos that I loved in 2013. Drum roll?
EXO’s Growl >br />
*Growl. This song has been in constant replay on my phone since it’s release. The song is very catchy. It’s not a master piece but it’s danceable. But let’s be honest. I love the video (The first one they release where it looks like the whole video, was shot in one take). I could watch that video continuously & not get tired. I actually spend many hours trying to recreate some of the dance moves. It was a complete failure, but a good workout.
Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors

JT ( like we are close friends 😜) had two songs that I loved this year. “Suit & tie” & “Mirrors” but Mirrors has the best video & more substanance. The video tells a story of a couple since they meet till they are old (I’m a sucker for cute stories). The chorus the part that goes:
“I don’t wanna lose you now
I’m lookin’ right at the other half of me
The vacancy that sat in my heart
Is a space that now you hold”

I have sang those lines over and over. I love this song.


This one is here for completely shallow reasons. The awkward butt dance, Junk K chin, etc…
Imagine Dragons RadioActive

20131218-165739.jpg I guess this one is technically 2012 song. But I did not hear it till 2013. I love this band, and this particular release has some really good songs. It’s only that “Radioactive” was my favorite of the bunch.
Sister19 “Gone not around any longer”

20131218-173710.jpg A sub groups of Sistar consisting of the great voice that is Hyorin, and I guess rapping?? We have Bora. This is another video with another awkward butt dance (I don’t know why, they thought cleaning the table with their behinds would be sexy?) but the song makes up for the video. The chorus is very catchy & since my Korean is minimal I found it very easy to sing along to.

20131218-225940.jpg Bruno Mars “When I was your man” “Unorthodox jukebox” is actually another one of the albums this year that had many good songs. It’s only that “When I was your man” is my favorite. But do check out Gorilla & Treasure ( the MV for treasure is a hoot).

20131218-232023.jpg G. Dragons “Crooked” I’m listing this one because I love both the song & video. GD release two albums back to back. “Crooked” was the winner for me from beginning, but I also loved “Who you” & “Windows”.

20131218-233021.jpg K. Will “You don’t know love” K. Will is my favorite ballad singer, his voice to me is amazing. He always manages to convey soo much while singing. It’s sad that he does not get to be in his videos often. But, I love Chanyeol so I’ll take this video.

20131218-234015.jpgBEAST “Shadow” “because I’m Shadow… Shadow.. Shadow..” Oh song writers you & your horrible English. Still this song is good and the video is very interesting.

20131218-235116.jpgGirls Day “Expectation” This is not by any means a good song. But it’s addicting, you want to keep listening to it. The video, I spend days learning that dance! I still don’t know why.

20131219-000448.jpgSunmi “24 hours” is sexy a good reasons to like a song & video? It could also be that I miss the Wonder girls, so even just Sunmi makes me happy.
Younha “The real reason we broke up” This girl has a lovely voice. The song just gets to me. The link is to a video with English subs, so you can understand the song.

20131219-002340.jpgJay Park “Joah” I think the reason why I liked this song so much is because It’s soo not Jay Park. Here he just looks like an adorable guy trying to woo his girl.

20131219-003300.jpgVerbal Jint “If it ain’t love” This is the last song on list and also my favorite song of this past year. The video still cracks me up. He wants nothing to do with her, yet she can’t take a hint. Plus the musicians in the background are hilarious.
I would love to also add a link to SHINee’s Symptoms but this was not a song they promoted so there’s not that many versions on YouTube that I like. Yet this song need to find its way into this list.
So that was my 2013 music, let’s see what 2014 brings us.


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