Sad post!

It hit me after midnight that today was “that day”. The sad day, the day that no matter how much you try to hide from, it always happens, September 11.
Twelve years ago on September 11, 2001 I woke up at 6 am. I had a college class @ 8am so in my “girl mentality” I was already running late. The radio at that time was a must, so it goes on only to find no music. The DJ’s instead were talking about a plane crashing into a building in New York. The DJ’s at the time where known for being pranksters so I assumed it was their Idea of a joke. That’s until they started taking calls. I ran to turn the TV on the first channel that was on. I remember a blonde lady ( This was Diane Sawyer, who I didn’t know at the time. Don’t judge I was kid) sitting down talking. Behind her there was TV ( or was it windows? I’m slowly forgetting) where you saw one of the buildings on fire. Then you saw a second plane go by. Then it just crashed into building. The terror/horror that I felt can’t be described. ( Yes, I do know, that due to time differences between AZ & NY what I saw was most probably a replay of the second crash, trust me it was still horrible.) I started crying, but I was home alone, and still needed to go to school.

What I remember after that was being disappointed in everyone around me. This horrible thing had just happened and yet everyone was moving on with their lives. On the bus there was a few murmurs from older people, about nuclear plants. Since we have a nuclear power plant in AZ, I can see that being a fear. Yet I went to most of classes & other then a more rumors about all active reserves, and soldiers being called in. It wasn’t until my afternoon that I was my nutrition class that a friend actually made a good point. He said that people deal with grief differently. Some are like me and cry at the drop of a dime. Some pretend that nothing is wrong and go on with their plan activities. He mention that all we could really do was pray, and ask Heavenly Father to blessed & Protect all the involved. Which is what I did, and it really did help me get through my day.
I did not know the extend of the damage till later that night, and all the videos they kept playing made it seem surreal.

The following year I remember being extremely upset that they still played those videos. It took me 10 years to actually even consider watching them again. Yet I know that I’ll never be able to forget the papers flying everywhere( 10 years later thanks to my evil brother I found out that while there was paper floating around. What I thought was paper, was actually people jumping out the buildings). The dust everywhere, the firefighters, and other rescue personnel being amazingly brave and performing their jobs.
In short we will never forget September 11, we will always remember all 3000 people that lost their lives. I wish nothing but good things for all their love ones. God bless them and us.


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