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Why can’t I finish you!


“Enders game”is lost yet again… This makes it about the 10th time in 3 years?? There is some weird magic going on here. I swear, I like the book. Yet every time I find it, I’ll read a chapter set it down and forget about till the next time I want to read it. That’s usually when I realize that is missing. So this lead me to think of how many books I actually done that too? The list is actually really long and I won’t bored you with it. I just want to talk about the top 4 on my list.. Books that are rather popular yet, I can’t get myself to finish them.
1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

20130623-233356.jpg One of the classic “Gothic novels”, its on the top 10 of many girls list of favorite books. Me, well I can’t get past the fist few pages. I have tried many times. I own a copy that is always on my shelf, next to my favorites. My problems with this book are. I don’t like the main characters, Catherine and Heathcliff. The whole I’m in love with him, yet Im going to marry the other guy, only because he is rich angle. What! really? How is that even consider love? Then we have our brooding hero with a complex and a revenge mission. Thanks, but no thanks. Catherine, you should had gotten over yourself, if you really “loved” him as much as you claimed. Then you should had married him in the beginning, but I guess there be no book then.
2. Jane Eyre

20130624-000342.jpg My freshman year in college in English 101 we had to both read, watch, and write a book report about books that had movies made based on them. Our professor brought the movie version of this book in. She recommended that we read the book two. No!!!! The movie put me sleep 5 mins it. Plus the whole his crazy wife is locked up upstairs completely put me off this book.

3. The Club Dumas & La Reina Del Sur (Queen of the South)

20130704-174106.jpg Club Dumas was given to me by a friend. The way she put it was “I know you love it”. By all rules I should, it really does seem to contain many of the things I love in books. Dumas is my favorite writer, two of his books are in my top 5 list. So a mystery that involves finding a “lost” Dumas manuscript should rock! (Plus I love mysteries). Yet every time I start this book, I can’t connect with any of its characters. Then we have La Reina del Sur, which has an amazing opening. It’s very much like an action movie with our heroine running for her life after witnessing the dead of her boyfriend. I was very excited about this book, great reviews, option to make it into a movie. Plus it’s based on a real person ( it’s fiction, but he was inspired by a woman with a similar story). Yet she annoyed me, I was so frustrated I have up 3 chapters into the book.

Reading a book should be a pleasant experience. I need to be able to feel what my characters are going through. I want to like them, or if the character is well written but has no redeeming qualities ( think Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair or Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind) I want to watch them fall. Anyhow no idea where I was going with this post.
I would love to hear other stories from people. I know I can’t be the only person that has issues with popular books. Don’t get me started on my love/hate relationship with Twilight, that’s a whole another post.


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